Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use of the GrabSign website include these Terms and Conditions

Accounts and Security

You need a user account to access GrabSign services. To open an account, you should register using your email address, which automatically becomes your user name. You are also required to create a password for your account. You should keep your password and other log-in credentials secret. You should never let anyone else use your account for GrabSign services – you are responsible for everything that happens with your account.


Once you register for GrabSign services, you will be issued with a license to use our products. The license is non-transferable, limited, and revocable. GrabSign maintains ownership of our products and services, but the license grants you the right to use them. GrabSign also maintains the right to renew your license upon its expiry without your permission, but you can cancel your subscription at will. GrabSign uses your credit card information to automatically renew your license upon expiry.

GrabSign does not permit you to sub-license your license. You are also prohibited from sharing your license with third parties. You also shouldn’t modify, translate, or adapt any part of your license. Doing so will lead to your license’s cancellation and revocation.

Data Collecting and Privacy

GrabSign collects some of your data to facilitate your usage of our products and services. When you use our services you agree that we can collect and store this data. When you upload documents to sign them, you agree that we can use them as is necessary to facilitate the provision of our services. However, all information and data that you give to us remains your property, and we take a variety of measures to ensure its privacy.

We may need to share some of your data with third-parties, but only for the purpose of facilitating your usage of our services. Your usage of the services of third-parties we work with is subjected to their own terms and conditions. GrabSign promises to protect your data. However, you are responsible for the security of all information that you share with us.

Intellectual Property

GrabSign reserves ownership of all the intellectual property associated with the company. GrabSign claims ownership of the computer source code related to our services, and any software or other content that may be provided in conjunction with our products and services. Unauthorized use of our services, which may lead to a breach of our intellectual property rights, are subject to penalization under Australian law. If you have ideas on how GrabSign can improve its products and services, you should contact our customer care department and inform us about it.

Acceptable Use and Conduct

GrabSign is meant for your internal or personal business use only. Your business must be compliant with all the terms and conditions set by GrabSign. Any unauthorized use of our products and services will be considered a violation of our terms and conditions, and you will risk getting your license revoked. Violating our terms and conditions may also attract civil and criminal penalties under Australian and EU laws.

You may not use GrabSign’s products and services for any business purposes. This includes reselling your license and distributing your GrabSign account to third-parties for money-making purposes. You are required to keep your log-in credentials private at all times. Every GrabSign account is limited to one user. You are not allowed to use any unlawful materials or publish content with the intention of misleading other users. You are also prohibited from doing anything that may disrupt the provision of our services to other users, including uploading viruses and malware. You should not do anything to impede on the rights of our other users and clients.


GrabSign offers both free and paid accounts – you need a paid account to get access to all our premium products and services. Paid accounts are billed based on your desired billing frequency – we offer monthly, quarter-yearly, half-yearly, and annual options. GrabSign will automatically bill your account upon expiry of your license. You will be billed using your preferred channel – your choices are credit card and online money transfer service PayPal. To stop being billed automatically, we advise that you cancel your subscription and renew it when you deem it fit.

GrabSign reserves the right to change our products’ and services’ fees at our own discretion. We may increase or reduce the price of our services from time to time. We will, however, send you a prompt notification to your email address if we decide to change our fees.

GrabSign reserves the right to revoke your license if billing is not done on time. We will notify you in case this happens. Some of the reasons that might lead to this include insufficient money in your account or a blocked credit card. If this happens, you should consider funding your account or providing us with a more efficient payment channel to renew your license.

Account Cancelation and Termination

Your paid account will remain active entirely until you decide otherwise. You reserve the right to cancel or terminate your account. We advise that you cancel or terminate your account before the next due billing data – you will not be refunded after automatic billing. Your account will be closed immediately upon cancellation. If you wish to cancel your account, you should contact GrabSign and talk to the operator about it. You will be required to provide your log-in details to finalize the cancellation.

Refund Policy

We highly recommend you try the product before you buy. However, if you are not satistied using the product and the product does not work as it is described, you can return the product within 10 business days from the date of purchase.

Dispute Resolution

All the terms and conditions outlined herein are subject to Australian law. Any disputes will be addressed under this law in court. GrabSign also has a dedicated customer care department capable of resolving any disputes.

Changes to GrabSign Terms and Conditions

GrabSign reserves the right to change our terms and conditions. All changes made to these terms and conditions will go into effect immediately. Our users agree that they are bound by any new terms and conditions. We will send you a prompt notification if we decide to change our terms and conditions, and highlight the changes made in the email notification. We advise you to stay updated on our terms and conditions to avoid getting caught off-guard.

All our terms and conditions are regulated under Australian law. Breaching our terms and conditions may get you penalized under this law.