Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We would like to make you feel safe and comfortable when using our services. This is why we have taken several measures meant to assure you of your data’s confidentiality.

Data Collection Rules

We need to collect some data from you to facilitate your usage of our services. We need your consent to collect some of this data, and in some cases our app collects data automatically.

Data by Your Consent

We will need certain information from you when registering for our services. Some of the basic information we will need include your email address and a password, which will be your account’s log-in credentials. We may also need your company’s physical address and telephone number depending on the type of your chosen account. Keep in mind that you may also provide us with personal contact information of other users you may liaise with through our app – as mentioned earlier, users can create working teams through our app.

We need your consent to collect this data. As such, we will ask you to provide us with the permission we need to use this information to facilitate our services.

Data Collected Automatically

Data regarding how you use our services is collected automatically through our app. Actions such as sharing documents, creating teams, using and creating templates, and signing documents are noted automatically. We also use cookies to learn your preferences. You should also note that, like most other service provision apps, our digital signature apps may also collect secondary information from your phone – however, the app needs your permission to access other apps on your phone.

Data Usage Rules

Our primary goal in collecting your data is to improve our services and, consequently, your user experience. Here are ways in which we use your data.


Your basic information, such as your email address, physical address, name, and phone number, is used to validate your identity. We will require you to provide your email address and key in your personal password every time you sign into our app. We do not share such information with other parties.

Service Improvement

Most of the data we collect in the background is used to help us improve our services and your user satisfaction. The industry is always changing, and we seek to provide our clients with the best and latest digital signature products. For instance, data about how you use our app helps us learn more about your preferences and tailor our services to better suit your needs. We also use this data to learn more about the market’s emerging trends and needs and use it to meet those needs.

Data Sharing

We will not share any data collected from you unless it is absolutely necessary. Some of the third parties we may share data with include our partners who we work with to facilitate our services, other apps that collaborate with our app (such as apps you may use to create and share documents), and anyone we may be required to share data with by the authorities.

Data Protection Measures

We have taken several measures to protect your data from access by unauthorized parties. First, we strive to comply with the standards set by the regulatory authorities. We have an obligation to you, as our client, to uphold your privacy. Additionally, we store your data on protected servers. We utilize premium, top-grade cyber security to protect your data from hackers. We have never had a hacking incident.

Changes to Policy

Our policy is rigid as it is also effective. However, we are required to inform our clients of any changes to the policy. As such, we will notify you if any of our terms and conditions change.