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GrabSign Roadmap: What users can expect in 2021-2022

Grabsign Roadmap 2021-2022

Looking back over the year, we managed to adapt very quickly to the changes caused by the pandemic. Technology is about to move much faster, and everything is getting digitalized. In this age of digital connectivity, many businesses still struggle with managing document workflow. Digital signatures are becoming a necessity of each enterprise that wants to lead innovation. GrabSign is unlocking the potential of your digital strategy to accelerate your business transformation.

While our team is working hard to make our system more secure and user-friendly. Here are some features we already planned for this year:

  • AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) Certificate
  • Sharing a document via email and link both at the same time
  • Enabling the SMS feature for all the Countries
  • Google Integration
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Conditional Fields
  • Payment method (allow users to integrate a third-party gateway to collect payments from signees)
  • API version 2.0 (update for API users)
  • Multi-lingual (German, Spanish, French, Italian)
  • New fields (Radio, dropdown, etc.)
  • Shorten the process of preparing and sending the envelope for signature
  • Mobile-friendly user interface
  • Sending bulk requests
  • Adding extra security layers
  • HIPAA and few other compliance’s
  • Adding template link feature (sharing forms for signature on websites)

You are going to see these features soon. In the meanwhile, share with us what more features you would love to see in GrabSign this year. Contact us at We will love to hear from you. We will try our best on adding your suggested features this year.

2 thoughts on “GrabSign Roadmap: What users can expect in 2021-2022”

  1. These are super exciting features that I would LOVE to see implemented to the product! Now I just noticed a bug in the application. (When the contract was sent to a contact and not yet signed, and you see the contract, in the PDF form, you see initials and signature fields but you don’t see the DATE SIGNED field. When and where can I report this?)

    Thank you

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